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Published data

2018 Outcomes Overview

In 2018 our children achieved the following outcomes in the key school years:

73% of children in EYFS reached GLD

Above National Average outcomes in Key Stage 1

Above national average in reading and maths and inline with grammar in Key Stage 2


EYFS Outcomes

Last year our Reception children maintained our track record of high outcomes. The number of children achieving GLD (good level of development) compares favourably against national, county and local outcomes at 73% achieving GLD.


Year 1 Phonics Screening 2018

Little Stanion Primary School: 100%

National phonics screening check and KS1 teacher assessment data have not yet been published for the 2017/18 academic year.

This information will be published in the coming autumn term.

National pass rate 2017 : 81%


Year 2 Results 2018

 Percentage of Children achieving the expected level for the end of Key Stage 1.


  School 2018 National 2017
Reading 80% 76%
Writing 80% 68%
Maths 90% 75%


End of Year 6 results

Percentage of children achieving at the expected level for the end of Key Stage 2.


                                        School 2018 National 2018 Average scaled scores
Reading  86% 75% 105
Writing 69%


Spelling & Grammar 76% 78% 104
Maths  83% 76% 103
Reading, Writing and Maths combined 62% 64% N/A

Progress at Key Stage 2. 

A positive score means that children within the school generally do better than pupils nationally. 

A negative score means children generally do worse than children nationally.


  Average Progress 2018   
Reading  0.3  
Writing -0.4  
Maths  -1.5  

School Priorities 2018/19

At Little Stanion we are always looking to improve our school for our children, this is our constant motivation. This academic year our key priorities around pupil achievement are:

1. To decrease the gap between disadvantaged children and others.

2. To ensure more able children are challenged sufficiently in Maths.

3. To ensure attainment and progress in writing is in line or above national expectations across the school.

4. To raise the percentage of children achieving the expected standard in communication and language across the EYFS.  


Performance tables for Little Stanion Primary School can be found at: