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Little Stanion Primary School

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Art and Design

Children at Little Stanion Primary School will develop their skills in the key areas for Art and Design, such as drawing, painting, collage, printing, form and modelling. Each topic area has featured artists, craft makers and designers that represent our school’s priorities, linking them to the techniques to be taught. Alongside these skills, children will develop their ideas, thoughts and feelings about their work and they will be able to design, make and evaluate their own work, as well as their peers. This provides children with different learning experiences and ways of demonstrating their understanding. All children will be given the opportunity to develop many skills, learn to embrace their ‘mistakes’ and believe that they are artists. They will learning about the work of diverse and ambitious individuals to create holistic and high quality learning experiences to support their futures.

“Do not fear mistakes - there are none!”  Miles Davis




art and design curriculum map.pdf