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At Little Stanion, we welcome children's creativity and encourage them to deepen their curiosity. As part of our creative curriculum, Geography lessons allow the children to do this; in combination with developing their interpretation skills and building a foundation of skills that promote their understanding of the world.


Our vision for Geography at Little Stanion is to inspire within pupils a fascination and curiosity about the world in which we live. We expose children to a wide range of diverse places, people, cultures and natural environments and give them the freedom to ask questions and place themselves within the world. As a school, we provide high quality experiences which engage all children and allow them to become fluid with their creativity. Across the years, children learn and build on skills to help them to understand the world in which they live within the context of geographical processes and their ability to interpret a range of sources. We have high academic ambition for all of our pupils, meeting a wide range of needs and this is reflected in the curriculum.



At Little Stanion Primary School, Geography is taught once per term and follows a whole school curriculum which outlines the disciplinary knowledge children need. We enrich the children’s geography experience, starting in Nursery and EYFS. This type of curiosity and freedom demonstrated in the early years is built on and fortified throughout the primary years. As children build on skills and take part in experiences, they begin to place themselves in a world that stretches beyond their home and opens their eyes to the magical world around them.



Children will enjoy expanding their curiosity about the wider world and its people in Geography lessons at Little Stanion Primary School. They will develop skills that will equip them with the knowledge to identify diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. This will provide children with the confidence to interpret sources of geographical information and build an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes. Children will develop a fascination for Geography and learn how the Earth’s features have been shaped. The impact of this geographical knowledge will be assessed by teachers at the end of each term and used to structure geographical experiences going forward.

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