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At Little Stanion, we welcome children's creativity and encourage them to deepen their curiosity. As part of our creative curriculum, History lessons allow the children to do this; in combination with developing their critical minds and building a foundation of skills that promote evidence based perspectives.


Our vision for History at Little Stanion is for children to be inspired to read, speak and write like historians and to develop a lifelong curiosity about Britain’s past and that of the wider world.

We embolden the children to ask perceptive questions, think critically, consider evidence and develop perspective and judgement. As a school, we provide high quality experiences which engage all children. Across the years, children learn and build on previously taught skills to help them to understand the process of change, the diversity of societies and to comprehend their own identity.  



At Little Stanion Primary School, History is taught once per term and follows a whole school curriculum which outlines the skills that children need. We enrich the children’s history experience, starting in EYFS. Under the early learning goal of Understanding the World, children start to consider their own life and learn about past events. This type of curiosity is built on throughout the primary years, as children develop skills and take part in experiences that will open their eyes to the way the world we live in today has been shaped by events and individuals in history.



Children will enjoy and develop a chronological knowledge and understanding of the wider world around them in History lessons at Little Stanion Primary School. They will develop skills throughout the years to equip them to become curious and critical thinkers, so that they can comprehend the diverse process of change that has shaped our living today.

The impact of this historical knowledge and skill-set will be assessed by teachers at the end of each term. Children will develop a positive attitude towards History and become confident in analysing sources for evidence based enquiry, which in turn will equip them with skills that can be transferred and built on for their futures.


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