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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) and sports are important within the curriculum at Little Stanion Primary School. Children at Little Stanion Primary School will develop a love for sports. Our curriculum provides opportunities for all sporting ability. The children will lead healthy active lives and have opportunities to partake in sporting events throughout the years using their knowledge and displaying techniques that they have learnt in PE lessons.



Our Physical Education curriculum is driven by our key drivers; diversity, opportunity and aspiration. We provide high quality Physical Education lessons and sport experiences which engage and inspire all children.  

Our PE curriculum is driven by engaging opportunities for children to learn rules, develop and refine practical skills and techniques and to know of key athletes in different. sports around the world.  

The curriculum offers opportunities for children to progress across all year groups and develop a range of physical, social and emotional skills. Little Stanion Primary School recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We encourage an active healthy lifestyle offering two hours a week of sports from Year One through to Year Six. In addition to this the children participate in the morning miles 4 days a week for 15 minutes. This helps to promote health and wellbeing to reduce the risk of obesity and other health problems. In addition, we believe that an innovative and varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all children.The children participate in competitive sport and through this we teach children how to work effectively as part of a team. We ensure they know fairness, sportsmanship and respect are key values within sports. 

Our PE curriculum includes a variety of sports and physical activities that are inclusive of different abilities, cultures and backgrounds. All children are made to feel included regardless of their skill level or interests. The curriculum includes adaptations to ensure that all sports and physical activities are accessible to all abilities. Discussions are had in lessons about a variety of athletes from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, talking about their achievements and celebrating their successes for children to build on there own aspirations Children are encouraged to set goals for themselves, collaborate and support each other to achieve their goals.  

British values are evident in the PE curriculum in the following ways: 

-Respect for individuals liberty:PE lessons promote individual liberty by allowing students to make choices about their own physical activity and encouraging children to express themselves through movement. 

-Respect and tolerance: Teachers encourage children to appreciate and respect each others differences and work together. They celebrate and value diverse abilities, backgrounds and cultures of children. 

-Rule of law: Children are taught the importance of fair play and sportsmanship in PE, including following rules and respecting teammates.  

-Democracy: PE curriculum is inclusive of all children and children are provided with opportunities to design and lead their own activities. Children are encouraged to have their say in activities.  


At Little Stanion Primary School we encourage children to participate in a variety of physical educational experiences where we aim to provide challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sports including gymnastics and dance, team games athletics, and swimming. 

All children are given opportunities to attend sporting clubs throughout the year. In addition to this KS1 and KS2 have opportunities to participate in the local Corby, Oundle and Thrapston school sports partnership competitions.  



Children will enjoy and appreciate a variety of sports and sports experiences as they progress throughout Little Stanion Primary School. PE lessons will be enjoyable and challenging ensuring all children can achieve to the best of their ability. Their skills and knowledge of a healthy active lifestyle will be assessed by teachers at the end of each term. . Our pupils will be physically active having a positive impact of their learning in the classroom. PE will become a big part of children’s lives at Little Stanion as we aspire for children to develop a love of sport and physical activity which hopefully becomes part of their future life outside of primary school. 

In addition to this we measure impact by regular learning walks, assessment data, sports premium analysis, participation in school clubs and competitions. 


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